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  • Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, nor absorbed.

  • Give your difference, welcome my difference, unify all difference in the larger whole — such is the law of growth. The unifying of difference is the eternal process of life — the creative synthesis, the highest act of creation, the at-onement.

  • In crowds we have unison, in groups harmony. We want the single voice but not the single note; that is the secret of the group.

  • Exclusion is always dangerous. Inclusion is the only safety if we are to have a peaceful world ...

  • All great things are wound up with all things little.

  • Because we name, we name ourselves, and we can think of ourselves as separate creatures, apart from nature. We can, therefore, using our vision and our power to create language, develop science and art. But in this process of naming, of being able to take apart nature, to study it, to communicate about it, in the very process that becomes our glory lies an insoluble paradox. And that is this: nature is intricately and infinitely connected. The minute I name something and begin to regard it as a separate entity, I break this unbreakable unity. So that which makes it possible for us to seek truths about the universe and about ourselves has within itself the guarantee that we will never be able to find the Truth. Our knowledge must be forever fragmented, because that is the nature of systematic knowledge.

  • The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain ... until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.

    • Jane Addams,
    • in James W. Linn, Jane Addams: A Biography ()
  • I believe the fundamental work of this time — work that requires the participation of all of us — is to discover new ways of 'being together.'

  • ... we don't have to agree with each other in order to think well together. There is no need for us to be joined at the head. We are joined by our human hearts.

  • We may have come here on different ships, but we're in the same boat now.

    • Betsy Rose,
    • song title, in Angela Y. Davis, Women, Culture & Politics ()
  • We come to drive away darkness, / in our hands are light and fire. / Each one is a small light, / and all of us are a mighty light. / Away with darkness, away with blackness! / Away before the light.

    • Sarah Levy,
    • "Chanukah," in Monica Furlong, ed., Women Pray ()
  • No matter how hidden the cruelty, no matter how far off the screams of pain and terror, we live in one world. We are one people.

  • The great human problem of evil stems from the illusion of separateness. Whenever this illusion is overcome, we behave lovingly to one another.

  • We have created a democracy that links us all, and with it come not only opportunities but obligations. There are no gates or walls high enough. There are no bank accounts large enough to buy you and your family and your friends protection from the fear and hunger of those left behind or to isolate you from the consequences of growing social inequities. We are all in this boat together. And the fact that there isn't a hole at your end of the boat doesn't mean you are safe.

  • White folks needs what black folks got just as much as black folks needs what white folks is got, and we's all got to stay here mongst each other and git along, that's what.

  • Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules, microscopic entities all come in communities. The singular cannot in reality exist.

  • So, brothers and sisters, as we go, / Still let us move as one, / Always together keeping step, / Till the march of life is done.

    • Phoebe Cary,
    • "Coming Home," Poems of Faith, Hope, and Love ()
  • ... to achieve unity without uniformity is the whole essence of the democratic way of life.

    • Jan Struther,
    • "Democracy Begins at Home," A Pocketful of Pebbles ()
  • ... whatever we do to any other thing in the great web of life, we do to ourselves, for we are one.

  • We must all work together if we are all to live together in unity and harmony.

  • To make a small town achieve its potential, you need everybody. When a blind person carries a crippled person who can see, both of them get where they're going.

  • Remember that you are all people and that all people are you.

    • Joy Harjo,
    • "Remember," in Joseph Bruchac, ed., Songs From This Earth on Turtle's Back ()
  • We are all bound up together in one great bundle of humanity, and society cannot trample on the weakest and feeblest of its members without receiving the curse in its own soul.

  • All things are plotting to make us whole / All things conspire to make us one.

  • All demonstrations ... say, 'You are rich and therefore powerful, we are very numerous and therefore potentially powerful. If we unite, our weakness and your power may cease.'

  • ... unless I am a part of everything I am nothing.

  • We must stand together; if we don't, there will be no victory for any one of us.

    • Mother Jones,
    • in Linda Atkinson, Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America ()