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  • Work did bestow dignity, status, meaning. Wasn't that why people dreaded unemployment, why some men found retirement so traumatic?

  • ... how tedious is retirement! You cannot imagine to yourself the monotony with which day comes after day.

  • It's daring and challenging to be young and poor, but never to be old and poor. Whatever resources of good health, character, and fortitude you bring to retirement, remember, also, to bring money.

  • Retirement revives the sorrow of parting, the feeling of abandonment, solitude and uselessness that is caused by the loss of some beloved person.

  • Retirement ... may be looked upon either as a prolonged holiday or as a rejection, a being thrown on to the scrap-heap.

  • ... I was born and bred an adventurer, with a great zest for change and excitement — and retirement is like prison.

    • Diana Cooper,
    • 1950, in Artemis Cooper, ed., The Letters of Evelyn Waugh and Diana Cooper ()
  • For millions, the retirement dream is in reality an economic nightmare. For millions, growing old today means growing poor, being sick, living in substandard housing, and having to scrimp merely to subsist.

  • In retirement, the passage of time seems accelerated. Nothing warns us of its flight. It is a wave which never murmurs, because there is no obstacle to its flow.

  • Retirement, I feel, means a new adventure in living — not a stopping.

  • When I retired, I found I had not enough money and too much husband.

    • Anonymous,
    • in Helen Foster, It's Hard to Look Graceful When You're Dragging Your Feet ()
  • Live long enough and you'll come into pensions, a lovely thing. Presents every month from people you didn't know cared.

  • [On retiring from stripping:] I still dream about it sometimes. I'm dressed and getting ready to go on stage and I can't find my gloves.

    • Blaze Starr,
    • in Frederick N. Rasmussen, Baltimore Sun ()
  • [On retirement:] It was like walking down a red carpet and then turning to find the attendants rolling it up behind you.

  • ... for those retired, with too much time and no world, a world must be found, and not necessarily one that is heavily populated. One can join a group or work alone; the essential ... is that the work be difficult, concentrated, and that definite progress can be measured ... the purpose ... is ... to maintain a carefully directed intensity. ... Here the question is one of time, and to what all that remaining time should be devoted.