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  • Hedda always tells us things the first time as if it were the twentieth, and her patience quite worn out with telling us!

  • Human beings are repetitive animals. All meaning is generated through repetition.

  • She says the same thing over and over again thinking repetition will substitute for proof.

  • ... it was a bitter truth of experience, she perceived with sudden insight, that the shape of things returns again and again in the same pattern.

  • Words, like acts, become stale when they are repeated.

  • ... it is very hard to know of most men and to know it in many women in the middle of their living what there is in them, what there is as a bottom to them, what there is mixed up inside them. Slowly, more and more, one gets to know them as repeating comes out in them. In the middle of their living they are always repeating, everybody always is repeating in all of their whole living but in the middle of the living of most men and many women it is hard to be sure about them just what it is they are repeating, they are in their living saying many things then and it is hard to know it about them then what it is in them they are repeating that later in their living will show itself to be the whole of them to any one who wants to watch them.

  • Repeating is the whole of living and by repeating comes understanding, and understanding is to some the most important part of living.

  • Saying you're an alcoholic and an addict is like saying you're from Los Angeles and from California.

  • ... he was impelled, by the fatality that hangs over people who have struck a false note, to strike it yet more loudly.

  • ... the mind naturally accommodates itself, even to the most ridiculous improprieties, if they occur frequently.

  • Children never grow tired; their likes and dislikes are constant; let them laugh at something once and they laugh always; do what you will, they are sure to say, 'Do it again!'

  • ... a meaningless phrase repeated again and again begins to resemble truth.

  • 'Pollyanna ... will you stop using that everlasting word "glad"! It's "glad" — "glad" — "glad" from morning till night until I think I shall grow wild!'

  • I repeat the wake-up, the workout, the quick shower, the breakfast of three hard-boiled egg whites and a cup of coffee, the hour to make my morning calls and deal with correspondence, the two hours of stretching and working out ideas by myself in the studio ... That's my day, every day. A dancer's life is all about repetition.

    • Twyla Tharp,
    • in Mason Currey, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work ()
  • Constant repetition dulls receptivity ..

    • Rose Wilder Lane,
    • 1928, in William Holtz, ed., Dorothy Thompson and Rose Wilder Lane: Forty Years of Friendship ()