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  • Greed probably figures in my intellectual life as well, as I attempt to absorb a massive amount of information with consequent mental indigestion.

  • The paradox, of course, is that you can never have enough information, but you cannot gather information forever.

  • The necessity of knowing a little about a great many things is the most grievous burden of our day. It deprives us of leisure on the one hand, and of scholarship on the other.

  • We are awash in the revealed world.

    • Anna Quindlen,
    • in Jennifer James, Thinking in the Future Tense: Leadership Skills for a New Age ()
  • Too much information can be as disconcerting as too little.

  • Do not seek for information of which you cannot make use.

  • Speed as a drug disorganizes the personality; speed as the goal of information dissemination commits a subtler crime. People are mainlining our words. We rarely read of the rational alternatives, only of the commands that all must change or else. This is a prescription for public panic.

  • Information is currency. ... Power is a place as well as a verb; it is inside the information tent.

  • Now peculiar scraps of knowledge were stuck to him like lint from all his jobs.

  • ... when one went fishing in information networks, one also became fish food.

  • There is so much information that our ability to focus on any piece of it is interrupted by other information, so that we bathe in information but hardly absorb or analyse it. Data are interrupted by other data before we've thought about the first round, and contemplating three streams of data at once may be a way to think about none of them.

  • ... his personal opinion was that if you wanted sensitive information to get out, you put it in a computer.

  • [On the birther movement:] Here we are, quadrillions of bytes deep into the Information Age. And yet information, it seems, has never mattered less.

  • Trying to find information on the Internet is often described as trying to get a sip of water from a fire hydrant.

    • Mary McGuire,
    • in Mary McGuire, Linda Stilborne, Melinda McAdams, and Laurel Hyatt, The Internet Handbook for Writers, Researchers, and Journalists ()