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Charlotte Tall Mountain

  • For the love of a tree, / she went out on a limb. / For the love of the sea, / she rocked the boat. / For the love of the earth, / she dug deeper. / For the love of community, / she mended fences. / For the love of stars, / she let her light shine. / For the love of spirit, / she nurtured her soul. / For the love of a good time, / she sowed seeds of happiness. / For the love of the Goddess, she drew down the moon. / For the love of nature, / she made compost. / For the love of a good meal, / she gave thanks. / For the love of family, / she reconciled differences. / For the love of creativity, / she entertained new possibilities. / For the love of her enemies, / she suspended judgment. / For the love of herself, / she acknowledged her worth. / And the world was richer for her.

    • Charlotte Tall Mountain,
    • "For Love of the World," in Street Spirit ()
  • In nature, / I am neither rich nor poor, / Neither old or young / Modern or old-fashioned / My vestments, appropriate to the heat or cool / Are indifferent to her / She doesn't care if I am employed or idle / Whether I've paid my bills on time / Or if I will be the recipient of a grand prize / I cannot impress her with my wit / But I feel she understands my pain / She offers me her bounty whether / I have earned her grace or not / So great is her wisdom / So huge her heart.

    • Charlotte Tall Mountain,
    • "Acceptance," in Street Spirit ()
  • My affliction began / When Columbus first set foot on this earth. / When the trees were seen only as lumber / When the animals were viewed solely as meat / And when vegetation was regarded / Primarily as produce. / My affliction continued / When the prairies were fenced / When the moon was sentimentalized / When the rivers were harnessed / And illumination only happened by the / Turn of a switch.

    • Charlotte Tall Mountain,
    • "Recovery Uncertain," in Street Spirit ()

Charlotte Tall Mountain, U.S. artist, poet

(1941 - 2006)