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Betty MacDonald

  • The coffee was so strong it snarled as it lurched out of the pot ...

  • The days slipped down like junket, leaving no taste on the tongue.

  • I began to forget when it hadn't been raining and became as one with all the characters in all of the novels about rainy seasons, who rush around banging their heads against the walls, drinking water glasses of straight whiskey and moaning, 'The rain! The rain! My God, the rain!'

  • The mountains were getting ready for winter, too. They were very sly about it and tried to look summery and casual but I could tell by their contours that they had slipped on an extra layer of snow — that the misty scarf blowing about that one's head would soon by lying whitely around her neck.

  • ... a grudge will soon rot the pocket you carry it in.

  • ... invariably at the last minute somebody in the family unearthed a big bore who of course had no friends, no other place to go for Thanksgiving.

  • Dare we face the question of just how much of the darkness around us is of our own making?

  • Why is admitting that you work because you need the money a shameful thing, like snoring?

  • In the country, weather is as important as food and sometimes means the difference between life and death.

  • I have never been exactly hilarious in the early hours, often going through an entire divorce and marrying Howard Hughes while I am waiting for the coffee to boil.

  • With steamed clams, we like only hot buttered toast and adults. It takes an almost fanatical affection for children or clams to put up with the 'What's this little green thing, Mommy? Do we eat this ugly black part? Do you think this is a worm?' that always accompanies any child's eating of clams.

  • There is no doubt about it. Dog loving is closely related to the pounding-yourself-on-the-head-with-a-hammer-because-it-is-so-pleasant-when-you-stop school of masochism.

  • ... long distance calls also affect my vocal cords so that who ever I'm talking to thinks he has been mistakenly connected with the porch rocker.

  • In the country Sunday is the day on which you do exactly as much work as you do on other days but feel guilty all the time you are doing it because Sunday is a day of rest.

  • Our little room was morbidly quiet and sorrow was heaped in my corner like dirty snow.

  • Gammy used to say, 'Too much scrubbing takes the life right out of things.'

    • Betty MacDonald
  • Landscape is cows. Scenery is where it looks like it's going to fall down on you.

    • Betty MacDonald
  • I cannot have what I want if I do not wish it for others.

    • Betty MacDonald

Betty MacDonald, U.S. writer

(1908 - 1958)

Real name:Anne Elizabeth Campbell Bard Heskett.