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Marita Bonner

  • The one real thing that money buys. Time.

    • Marita Bonner,
    • "On Being Young--A Woman--and Colored" (1925), Frye Street and Environs ()
  • And one day you find yourself entangled — enmeshed — pinioned in the seaweed of a Black Ghetto. ... Milling around like live fish in a basket. Those at the bottom crushed into a sort of stupid apathy by the weight of those on top. Those on top leaping, leaping; leaping to scale the sides; to get out.

    • Marita Bonner,
    • "On Being Young--A Woman--and Colored" (1925), Frye Street and Environs ()
  • What's the need of working if it doesn't get you anywhere? What's the use of boring around in the same hole like a worm? Making the hole bigger to stay in?

    • Marita Bonner,
    • "The Purple Flower" (1928), Frye Street and Environs ()
  • She did not talk to people as if they were strange hard shells she had to crack open to get inside. She talked as if she were already in the shell. In their very shell.

    • Marita Bonner,
    • "Nothing New" (1926), Frye Street and Environs ()
  • That is what they call being reconciled to die. They call it reconciled when pain has strummed a symphony of suffering back and forth across you, up and down, round and round you until each little fibre is worn tissue-thin with aching. And when you are lying beaten, and buffeted, battered and broken — pain goes out, joins hands with Death and comes back to dance, dance, dance, stamp, stamp, stamp down on you until you give up.

    • Marita Bonner,
    • "A Possible Triad on Black Notes" (1933), Frye Street and Environs ()

Marita Bonner, U.S. writer, playwright

(1899 - 1971)