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Estelle R. Ramey

  • We will have equality when a female schlemiel moves ahead as fast as a male schlemiel.

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • in Michèle Brown and Ann O'Connor, Woman Talk, vol. 1 ()
  • ... what is human and the same about the males and females classified as Homo sapiens is much greater than the differences.

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • "Men's Monthly Cycles," in Ms. ()
  • ... the recurrent drama of menstrual bleeding must have been unnerving to primitive peoples. In man, the shedding of blood is always associated with injury, disease, or death. Only the female half of humanity was seen to have the magical ability to bleed profusely and still rise phoenix-like each month from the gore.

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • "Men's Monthly Cycles," in Ms. ()
  • Women's chains have been forged by men, not by anatomy.

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • "Men's Monthly Cycles," in Ms. ()
  • The only useful answer to the question 'Who is smarter, a man or a woman?' is, which man and which woman?

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • in Madeline Chinnici, "Do Human Brains Have Gender?" Self ()
  • Our society and our organizations have learned to value masculine, 'quick-fix' traits in leaders. In a primitive society, a rural society, or even the industrial society of the early 1990s, quick fixes worked out all right. But they are less likely to work in a complex society. We need to look at long-range outcomes now. Service and patience are what can keep things running effectively today and women can contribute a lot in both of these areas.

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • in Marilyn Loden, Feminine Leadership ()
  • All parents want their offspring to be exemplars of virtue and achievement and happiness. But most of all, we want desperately for you to be safe — safe from disease and violence and self-destruction.

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • in Erica Goode, ed., Letters for Our Children ()
  • For my own epitaph, I ask that it be: 'I loved and was loved and all the rest was background music.'

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • in Erica Goode, ed., Letters for Our Children ()
  • [Addressing a group of military officers:] Are you a feminist? Oh ... wrong question. I should have asked, 'Are you a father?' When your daughter loses her job to a clearly less-qualified man, you will discover you are a feminist.

    • Estelle R. Ramey,
    • in AWIS Magazine ()

Estelle R. Ramey, U.S. physician, physiologist, endocrinologist

(1917 - 2006)