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Sara Teasdale

  • One by one, like leaves from a tree, / All my faiths have forsaken me.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Leaves," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • Oh, beauty, are you not enough? / Why am I crying after love?

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Spring Night," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • Old love, old love, / How can I be true? / Shall I be faithless to myself / Or to you?

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "New Love and Old," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • I send you my thoughts — the air between us is laden, / My thoughts fly in at your window, a flock of wild birds.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "At Night," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • I could not be so sure of Spring / Save that it sings in me.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "April," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • ... life is a frail moth flying / Caught in the web of the years that pass ...

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Come," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • Oh who can tell the range of joy / Or set the bounds of beauty?

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "A Winter Bluejay," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • When I am dead and over me bright April / Shakes out her rain-drenched hair, / Tho' you should lean above me broken-hearted, / I shall not care.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "I Shall Not Care," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • The grass is waking in the ground, / Soon it will rise and blow in waves — / How can it have the heart to sway / Over the graves, / New graves?

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Spring in War Time," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • I found more joy in sorrow / Than you could find in joy.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "The Answer," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • ... beauty more than bitterness / Makes the heart break.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Vignettes Overseas," Rivers to the Sea ()
  • I make the most of all that comes, / The least of all that goes.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "The Philosopher," in Good Housekeeping ()
  • Spend all you have for loveliness, / Buy it and never count the cost; / For one white singing hour of peace / Count many a year of strife well lost, / And for a breath of ecstasy / Give all you have been, or could be.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Barter," Love Songs ()
  • Of my own spirit let me be / in sole though feeble mastery.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Mastery," Love Songs ()
  • When I can look Life in the eyes, / Grown calm and very coldly wise, / Life will have given me the Truth, / And taken in exchange — my youth.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Wisdom," Love Songs ()
  • ... with my singing I can make / A refuge for my spirit's sake, / A house of shining words, to be / My fragile immortality.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Refuge," Love Songs ()
  • I have no riches but my thoughts, / Yet these are wealth enough for me ...

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Riches," Love Songs ()
  • Oh, better than the minting / Of a gold-crowned king / Is the safe-kept memory / Of a lovely thing.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "The Coin," Flame and Shadow ()
  • Myriads with beating / Hearts of fire ...

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Stars," Flame and Shadow ()
  • It is my heart that makes my songs, not I.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "What Do I Care?" Flame and Shadow ()
  • Places I love come back to me like music, / Hush me and heal me when I am very tired ...

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Places," Flame and Shadow ()
  • Can I ever know you / Or you know me?

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "The Mystery," Flame and Shadow ()
  • My soul is a broken field / Ploughed by pain.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "The Broken Field," Flame and Shadow ()
  • Time is a kind friend, he will make us old.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Let It Be Forgotten," Flame and Shadow ()
  • The world is tired, the year is old, / The faded leaves are glad to die.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "November," Helen of Troy and Other Poems ()
  • My theory is that poems are written because of a state of emotional irritation. It may be present for some time before the poet is conscious of what is tormenting him. The emotional irritation springs, probably, from subconscious combinations of partly forgotten thoughts and feelings. Coming together, like electrical currents in a thunder storm, they produce a poem. ... the poem is written to free the poet from an emotional burden.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • in Marguerite Wilkinson, New Voices ()
  • The poet should try to give his poem the quiet swiftness of flame, so that the reader will feel and not think while he is reading. But the thinking will come afterwards.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • in Marguerite Wilkinson, New Voices ()
  • It was not you, though you were near, / Though you were good to hear and see, / It was not earth, it was not heaven / It was myself that sang in me.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "On the Sussex Downs," Dark of the Moon ()
  • There will be stars over the place forever ...

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "There Will Be Stars," Dark of the Moon ()
  • Let them think I love them more than I do, / Let them think I care, though I go alone, / If it lifts their pride, what is it to me / Who am self-complete as a flower or a stone.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "The Solitary," Dark of the Moon ()
  • What we never have had, remains; / It is the things we have that go.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Wisdom," Dark of the Moon ()
  • Stars over snow / And in the west a planet / Swinging below a star — / Look for a lovely thing and you will find it, / It is not far — / It never will be far.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Night," Stars To-Night ()
  • Moon, worn thin to the width of a quill, / In the dawn clouds flying, / How good to go, light into light, and still / Giving light, dying.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Moon's Ending," Strange Victory ()
  • No one worth possessing / Can be quite possessed.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "Advice to a Girl," Strange Victory ()
  • There's nothing half so real in life as the things you've done ... inexorably, unalterably done.

    • Sara Teasdale
  • A delicate fabric of bird song / Floats in the air, / The smell of wet wild earth / Is everywhere.

    • Sara Teasdale,
    • "May Day," Flame and Shadow ()

Sara Teasdale, U.S. poet

(1884 - 1933)

Full name: Sara Teasdale Filsinger.