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Princess Marthe Bibesco

  • ... her mother believed that she was made for happiness. Every mother believes this of her wonderful children. Where she has failed, they will be sure to succeed. She expects them to be proof against misfortune, as if she had given them something else than life.

  • She had learnt the fundamental art of domestic happiness: that of creating appetites which she was able to satisfy.

  • Children never grow tired; their likes and dislikes are constant; let them laugh at something once and they laugh always; do what you will, they are sure to say, 'Do it again!'

  • ... those two wholesome defects of the French people, malice and curiosity, both of which are essential to its greatness.

  • ... history ... a sort of immortality turned upside down. Her life stretched backwards through ten centuries.

  • Like many other women who claim to live in retirement, Leonilla Leopolska was in active correspondence with all the habitable earth.

  • Words express only the feelings we know already.

  • ... marriage was a calamity, but it was not an occupation.

  • ... collections are amusing only in the making; afterwards they are like sporting prints without the sport. The sons of collectors inherit only the corpse of their fathers' satisfied passion.

  • Catherine discovered that statecraft was only history in process of fermentation.

  • ... love always betrays its intentions.

  • ... that sunlight of the dead which is called literature.

  • One should make one's life a mosaic. Let the general design be good, the colors lively, and the materials diversified ...

  • The arts are good and providential in that they allow the soul to imitate the movements of love, and to feel love without its being returned — which, perhaps, is the only way of feeling it permanently.

  • ... only Paris can supply the unknown force which is the very essence of love — novelty. She would grow old in other places, and twice a year she would return to Paris to be rejuvenated, like those miraculous trees of the Champs-Élysées which bear new leaves in autumn.

  • With a sort of concentration which ended by becoming impatience, every one waited for a departure which no one desired. Somehow, the real moment of parting always precedes the physical act of separation.

  • The birth of love is always accompanied by the idea of solitude. A single being appears, and the rest of the world grows empty.

  • ... there are no nationalities in heaven.

  • The affairs of the royal house form a subject of conversation for those who, as a rule, would have no conversation.

    • Princess Marthe Bibesco,
    • 1920, in Hannah Pakula, The Last Romantic: A Biography of Queen Marie of Roumania ()

Princess Marthe Bibesco, French writer

(1888 - 1973)

Full name: Princess Marthe Lahovary Bibesco.