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Dorothy Salisbury Davis

  • ... that, if there was any one thing she had learned of America in her forty-two years of residence, was typical of the whole country. Waste, waste, waste.

  • I don't approve the informality in the world today, Mr. James. It's made strangers of us all.

  • ... his clothes were cut to compensate nature's mismanagements.

  • One of the things she liked best about a man was a good manner of speaking. ... she could not abide the thought of a man coming home at the end of the day with his head as empty as his dinner bucket ...

  • No one who likes a song lacks congeniality ...

  • A nice thing about the man was his way of drawing out the best things she had to say and in a way which made her pleased with herself for having said them.

  • ... when she'd give you something, she'd snatch it back, and maybe your arm, too.

  • He would like someday to pick Timsey's mind, he thought, if he could find anything small enough to pick it with.

  • ... history's like a story in a way: it depends on who's telling it.

    • Dorothy Salisbury Davis,
    • "By the Scruff of the Soul," in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine ()
  • ... we didn't know it at the time. Prouty said afterwards he did, but Prouty's a man who knows everything after the fact. That's being an undertaker I dare say.

    • Dorothy Salisbury Davis,
    • "By the Scruff of the Soul," in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine ()
  • Beware of feelings, Father. They are the biggest liars in us. They make truth what we want it to be.

  • The law is above the law, you know.

  • We reveal more of ourselves in the lies we tell than we do when we try to tell the truth.

  • Flattery makes fools of the best of us.

  • She was a little woman, perpetually bent forward, possibly because she was always on the run, having to be somewhere before she could get there.

  • It's a great wonder to me, the Irish attachment to our history. What is it but a series of lamentations?

Dorothy Salisbury Davis, U.S. writer

(1916 - 2014)