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Rae Foley

  • ... minutes weren't given you to save but to spend. This is yours — now. Stop and live it.

  • ... James was the kind of man who would make a death-struggle with an octopus sound as heavy and dull as a Sunday dinner.

  • ... his gestures were awkward to the point of appearing uncoordinated. He used his hands as though they were feet ...

  • Nothing is as depressing as absolute logic. Look at the maze of French politics perpetrated by a logical people.

  • He had the misleading air of open-hearted simplicity that people have come to demand of their politicians.

  • The only love from which a man never recuperates is the one he never had. The eternal and untarnished illusion.

  • Ledyard was as earnest as a father inspecting his son's electric train.

  • We shared everything all our lives, the important ones and the trivial ones, and it's the trivial ones that build ties between people.

  • ... he bore the stamp of the unforgivable sin in a physician — uncertainty.

  • He had the kind of face that lost its boyishness before he was twenty and yet would never be quite mature. An underdone sort of man ...

  • She nibbled away at her thought like a rabbit with a piece of lettuce.

  • The young never take anything seriously if it sounds simple.

  • ... he will persist in laboring under the delusion that patients want commonsense instead of magic.

  • ... cruelty is the only thing that strikes me as completely unforgivable. The unpardonable sin.

  • She's a professional invalid, poor soul, because she hasn't anything else to do, so she enjoys bad health.

  • You can't remain inactive in the face of injustice without, to some extent, being guilty of it.

  • A giver of the shirt from someone else's back.

  • The whole human race loses by every act of personal vengeance.

  • ... she seemed to be as resilient as a bedspring.

  • ... gossip is just the small change of conversation.

  • The strength of weak people constantly appalls me. Have you ever seen a vine kill an oak tree? Deadly.

  • Every murder strikes at the heart of civilization; it is an attack on all mankind.

  • I always feel sorry for people who think more about a rainy day ahead than sunshine today.

  • ... no one can return to the place he has left, only to the place it has become. Some subconscious and idiotic ego, he supposed, made one imagine that nothing happened except in the place where one was.

  • ... a fair degree of literacy of speech ... is increasingly rare in politicians and not necessarily regarded as an asset.

  • People who care nothing about money probably exist or we wouldn't hear so much about them. But I've never encountered one in the flesh.

  • This stuff — not all of it, of course — simply follows the people who discovered fifty years or more ago that if their work was unintelligible enough it would seem important to the unintelligent.

  • There's no disillusionment like learning that forbidden fruit can be unpleasant.

  • What seems most likely is generally true.

  • People don't really change. Not fundamentally. When they surprise us, it is because we failed to recognize their potentialities.

  • He turned back from the door. Apparently, like adolescents, he thought he had gone when he had said good-bye.

  • Hatred is one of the poisons; like jaundice, it alters the true colors of things.

  • People who praise illness as bringing out the best in people ought to have their heads examined. Pain forces you to think about yourself, directs your interest to your own body and what is happening to it. You don't reach out benevolently, filled with good will for others. You don't seem to care enough. Pain makes you a little person, not a big one, and not a nice one, except perhaps in the case of saints, and I've never known one.

  • Night thoughts aren't to be trusted.

  • It's easy to respond to the hate cries, usually carefully wrapped up in a flag. Perhaps hate is the greatest simplifier of them all. It's the man with the throb in his voice, the man with the easy formula, the man who tries to shout to my emotions instead of speaking to my mind, the man who is sure he is right that I run from like hell.

  • ... the city official had been affable without being at all forthcoming, a most desirable attribute in a man who wants to hold a position without taking one.

Rae Foley, U.S. writer

(1900 - 1978)

Real name: Elinore Denniston. She also wrote as Dennis Allan.