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Phyllis Chesler

  • It is no accident that stock exchange floors — in addition to bedroom floors — bring out the noisy blood, the flushed cheek, and the passionate cries of men. Most men are making love when they make 'magical' amounts of money.

  • Many 'natural' events — like early death, disease, hardship — are neither desirable nor necessary.

  • Only the powerless live in a money culture and know nothing about money.

  • How sad that men would base an entire civilization on the principle of paternity, upon the legal owership and presumed responsibility for children, and then never really get to know their sons and daughters very well.

  • Feminism is a way of understanding reality, not just a series of things to do. Feminism challenges our predilection for one right answer, one right God, one size fits all.

  • Sexual pleasure is not a sin. Nor is it a sacrament. It is your right as a human being to exercise as you see fit. It's amazing that I feel the need to say this, but, given our times, I do.

  • ... children need truly evolved people — not other, larger children — as parents. Therefore, don't have a child until you've forged your own identity, can support yourself, and have already begun the work of creating or maintaining an extended family.

  • ... for every marriage that is made in Heaven, there is a marriage made in Hell.

  • Time is life. Anyone who wastes my time is killing me. Please don't!

  • ... Afghans excel at fighting Afghans. This is what Afghans do, even when they are not being invaded by foreign powers. They fight each other, tribe against tribe, brother against brother, half-brother against half-brother, cousin against cousin, uncle against nephew, father against son.

  • ... exile ... might be the largest new state created by the twentieth century and the psychology of the twenty-first century.

  • Jews have always yearned for Jerusalem, from which they'd been exiled many times, but they also yearned for each and every one of the countries where they had been persecuted and where their ancestors once lived and are still buried.

  • All men are not rapists — but almost all rapists are men.

  • Good people in the West have often failed to distinguish between Islam and Islamism ...

  • [On highly politicized Islamists:] In the name of freedom they demand the right to renounce freedom. In the language of tolerance they demand that intolerance be granted a dignified place at the table.

  • The West has funded the war against itself by buying Arab oil. It is as simple and as tragic as that.

Phyllis Chesler, U.S. psychiatrist, educator, writer